G.D. Goenka group of Educational Institute focus on the all-round development of kids right from an early age so that young minds could grip better and be ready for the challenging future.

Our focus is not only on the academic-related things, rather we believe in learning outside the book and syllabus so we have included sports, extracurricular activities and a lot more to let students think and create something new every time.

Our ultimate goal is to make our students ready for taking the challenges of the future that they will encounter after completing their graduation. Our diverse teaching methodology includes promotion of self-discipline, self-development and self-confidence along with a sense of social and national responsibility. We nurture students to become a good human being having a sense of gratitude, empathy and togetherness right from an early age. We know the power of being united and so we promote this in our culture by teaching the benefits of teamwork and how it can solve the biggest and most complicated problems of the world. 


In the 21st century, the trend and meaning of education are changing and we will go with the flow. G.D. Goenka Public School envisions to create a strong community of people who will create a big impact in the future. We are here to impart an education that is inspiring and supports innovation and implementation. Learning is not a 12-15 year thing, rather learning should be applicable in real life and it is a life long process. To ensure this, our school inculcate a strong relationship between school and home, so that they always enjoy the learning process even after school. 

We are working to make this world a beautiful place full of innovations that will take care of the planet Earth and the environment also.