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About Us

G.D. Goenka is now in Silk City, Bhagalpur

Education is power and we want to give this power in the best way to the future of our country. Our aim is to make this school one of the best School in Bhagalpur where the student will enjoy learning every step of their growth. We work on every student right from the starting to make them ready to face the world. We are on a mission to make leaders and pathfinders.

Our Facilities

Designed to give the Best Result


We want to make students learn the art of reading because the more they will read the more their brain muscles will become active and more they will be alert and energetic.

Music and Dance Room

Music and dance improve children's mental dexterity, so we have created a fully equipped space where students can learn different dance forms, singing and instruments playing.

Maths Lab

We want students to love Maths, so we are presenting it in a new and innovative way that students can find it interesting and show their interest towards it in Maths Lab.

Art Room

Creativity is intelligence and we want to make a room for the growth of intelligence so we have made effort to make the art of school in a manner that it will encourage students to unfold their inner creativity.


Morning sunlight and sports are two things which we have a special focus on, that's why you will find our playground always in a good condition where students can enjoy their sports freely.
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